There are many creatures often little known outside Japan that are featured in Japanese folklore.  I aim to draw them with my own interpretation of written descriptions, old paintings, sculptures and existing animals.
#13 Yatagarasu
Yatagarasu apparently have no description of having three legs in the first instance it appears in Japanese mythology.  There are, however, three legged crows in other Asian mythologies that represent the sun, which probably are the reason Yatagarasu became known as a three legged crow.   In Japanese mythology, Yatagarasu was sent by Takamusubi god to Emperor Jinmu to lead the way from Kumano to Yamato.
Sketches from photos and other reference art work
Pencil sketches
#14 Shachihoko
Shachihoko is a fish with a tiger face, with its tail always pointing the sky.  They are said to be able to call rain.  Hence their figures were placed on the roofs of castles, temples and other large buildings in Japan to protect them from fire.  "Shachi" (シャチ) also means killer whale, but Shachi-hoko's apparance is very different from it.
Pencil sketches of fish, tiger and killer whale.
Famous shachi-hoko can be found in Nagoya Castle, and in Osaka Castle.   I based my Shachihoko on the one found on the roof of Osaka Castle.

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