There are many creatures often little known outside Japan that are featured in Japanese folklore.  I aim to draw them with my own interpretation of written descriptions, old paintings, sculptures and existing animals.
#4 Kappa
Kappa live in rivers and lakes.  They are natural swimmers, but can walk on land as well, and like the game of Sumo.  If a kappa challenges you for a match of sumo and wins, it will drag you into water, drown you and eat the vital (and imaginary) organ 'shiriko-dama'.  It is believed that the plate on top of a kappa's head has to contain water in order for it to survive on land.
Pencil sketches
#5 Kirin
Kirin are considered the highest beings of the furry animals in Chinese myths.  Kirin often appear before good changes happen.  They are often described as Eastern unicorns.  Despite their fierce appearance, Kirin are known to be gentle creatures that never step on living things.
Pencil sketches
#6 Itachi (Weasel)
Itachi, along with Tanuki (raccoon dog) and Kitsune (fox), can change its form and trick people.

Pencil sketches

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