Kemono Emaki III
There are many creatures often little known outside Japan that are featured in Japanese folklore.  I aim to draw them with my own interpretation of written descriptions, old paintings, sculptures and existing animals.
#7 Yamainu
Before extinction, Yamainu, or Japanese wolves, were feared by those who lived by the mountains.  Japanese wolves had the habit of stalking people as they walked through their territory at night.  Youkai known as 'Okuri-inu' also refers to Japanese wolves; they stalk people closely and eat them when they fall.  There are also stories that describe their behavior as social animals, and that they would not attack you as long as you treat them like your friend.
#8 Nue
If you hear a Nue's call, misfortune will befall you...  Written in kanji as 'night bird', it is often not described beyond its strange voice.  The depictions that exist describe it as having the head of a monkey, the body of a tiger and the tail of a snake.
#9 Baku
Baku, or tapirs, probably never lived in Japan.  However, it is a popular as it is known to eat nightmares.  The drawing or a paper with 'Baku' written on it was placed under a pillow to deter nightmares.
Pencil sketches

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